Northwave SLW2: Aperto mais rápido - Ajusto Infinito

Publicado em 2015-04-13
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Developed and patented by Northwave, S.L.W. 2 (Speed Lace Winch) closing system set a new benchmark in terms of closing quickness and micrometric precison. S.L.W. 2 is the only system on the market to allow step-by-step and complete opening through the use of only one button, giving the opportunity to either tighten or widen the fit in an extremely quick and easy way. Push for micrometric release, lift to open the shoes completely: the work is done. S.L.W. 2 mechanism is also easily replaceable. Its cables’ technology is derived from the best materials employed in sailing: that says a lot about S.L.W. 2 endurance and reliability, even under stress.